////Paging Transmitter/Encoder 12-62 and 15-15
  • Paging Transmitter Encoder

Paging Transmitter/Encoder 12-62 and 15-15

The 12-62 series transmitters are available as VHF and UHF units with user-programmable power outputs ranging from 50 milliwatts to 4 watts. Using programming software, each model can be programmed across its full frequency range with no hardware adjustments. They are capable of operating as NRZ or POCSAG transmitters. The built-in POCSAG encoder can be enabled or disabled as required.

In addition to a direct/RS232 buffered serial port, an on-board USB port enhances the range of applications to which the transmitter can be applied. Input/Output expansion is also possible via an internal plug-in adapter or an external I/O expansion module, 12-32.

The 12-62 is housed in an attractive, durable extruded aluminium case with provision on the base plate for wall mounting.

Alphanumeric paging via serial using an external Messaging Software.

Product Description

  • Power Supply:
+11.5V to 15.2V nom 13.8V
  • RF Frequency:
VHF: 136 -174 MHz UHF: 427.5 – 475 MHz
  • Switching Range:
Full 47.5MHz with no tuning
  • Channel Spacing:
12.5 KHz or 25 KHz
  • Output Power:
7 settings, 50mW to 4W + 1 dB 50 ohm
  • Input Current:
Standby: 40mA Transmit: 1.2A approx
  • Modulation:
Carrier FSK with NRZ data
  • Deviation:
+ 2.25kHz or + 4.5kHz
  • Baud Rate:
512, 1200 Baud
  • Message format:
  • Serial paging command protocols:
SCOM proprietary, PET (PG1)
  • Case Dimensions:
155 x 101 x 30mm
  • Type Approvals:
AS / NZS4769, EN 300 224, FCC PT 90
  • Transmit Duty Cycle:
Up to 50%, max 5 minutes “on” time