////12-84SE Relay Output POCSAG Receiver
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12-84SE Relay Output POCSAG Receiver

The 12-84SE VHF/UHF Relay Receiver provides the capability of remote activation or deactivation of one or two relays on receipt of commands from any POCSAG paging transmitter. The receiver is supplied with two clean contact relays.

Product Description

The 12-84SE receives and decodes a numeric or alphanumeric message. Relays can be activated by message or cap code. 12-84SE is an economical solution for basic remote control applications where one or two switched outputs are required. On board LEDs indicate receiver operation as well as the relay status. Each relay can be programmed for latching or momentary operation.

  • Synthesized, programmable
  • 148 – 161 Mhz / 450 – 470 Mhz
  • RS232 Serial output
  • Relay connections
  • 12V operation