• VHF & UHF Paging Telemetry Data Receiver

12-88 Receiver – POCSAG

The 12-88 is a high sensitivity, ultra low power Paging Receiver that controls a single relay and two open collector outputs.

  • VHF / UHF
  • 4 Capcodes
  • Send the commands to a PC

Product Description

The 12-88 operates over the frequency ranges of 140-170 pr 440-470MHz decoding 512 or 1200 baud, Alphanumeric or Numeric control messages. By Default the 12-88 is configured to use an internal aerial, but an external aerial can be fitted if required.

The 12-88 receiver provides the capability of remote activation or deactivation of the on board relay and open collector outputs on receipt of commands from any portable or fixed location (POCSAG) paging transmitter or wide area paging network.

The unit receives and decodes a numeric or alphanumeric pager call. If the received unit number matches the 12-88 unit number or group number, the relay output is switched according to the ON/OFF control characters of the message.

Raw decoded messages are available as TTL RS232 which may make the 12-88 suitable for remote serial control applications.

Normally closed and normally open relay contacts are available and outputs can be individually programmed for latching or momentary operation. The Mono-Shot timer can be set to between 0.1 seconds to 6553 seconds in 100ms steps.